Introducing The Al Scott Trio

Introducing Al Scott Trio Album Cover

Henry Gilbert - Double Bass
Marco Quarantotto - Drums
Al Scott - Piano

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Album Review

Introducing The Al Scott Trio – (AST)

"Pianist Al Scott along with Henry Gilbert on Double Bass and Marco Quarantotto on Drums have created a very relaxing, yet engaging CD. Three of the six compositions are originals, while the remaining are interpretations of Thad Jones, Miles Davis/Bill Evans, a bold move for an introduction album, but the boys pull it of with confidence, style and maturity. Of the original scores it is ‘Northern Smiles’ that does it for me, the bass intro sets the tone with a gentle forcefulness before being joined by piano and drums, I sense a story being told here, but as an instrumental; you will have to use your imagination..."

by Phil Levene

The Eclectic Jazz magazine column pages 30 - 31

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